Smoking: It’s Never Too Late to Stop

The Perks of Quitting You are likely to add years to your life, breathe more easily, have more energy, and save money Lower your risk of cancer, heart attack, stroke, and lung disease Set a healthy example for your children and grandchildren Improve your sense of taste and smell Have better blood circulation Getting Help […]

ABCDE Mole-checking for possible skin cancer

Asymmetry: One half looks different Borders: They are irregular Color: Changes or more than one Diameter: Bigger than a pencil eraser Evolving: Growth and changes   Find out more at the National Institute on Aging

What to Do: Shingles

Getting sick with something that feels unusual can be scary, but we are here with tips to help you through it. Rest When you are sick, sleep is your friend, and Shingles are no exception! You might feel unproductive or even stir crazy, but sleeping gives your body the energy it needs to focus on […]

Tips for Healthy Eyes

Wear Sunglasses Protect your eyes from too much sunlight by wearing sunglasses that block ultraviolet (UV) radiation and a hat with a wide brim when you are outside. Exercise Staying healthy also affects your eyesight! Practice regular exercise and eat healthy foods. Maintain Normal Blood Pressure Abnormal blood pressure can cause eye strain, so keep […]

Low Cost Dental Care Options

Student-provided care that is monitored by trained professionals: Dental Schools: Community Health Centers: United Way chapters may be able to direct you to free or reduced-cost dental services: Call your county or State health department to find dental clinics near you that charge based on your income.   Find out more […]

Managing Itchy Skin

Possible Reasons for Dry Skin Not drinking enough liquids Spending too much time in the sun or sun tanning Being in very dry air Smoking Losing sweat and oil glands, which is common with age Ways to Help Dry, Itchy Skin Use moisturizers, like lotions, creams, or ointments, every day Take fewer baths or showers […]

Prevent Gum Disease

Brush 2x Daily Brush your teeth twice a day with fluoride toothpaste. Floss Regularly Don’t forget to add flossing to your dental hygiene routine! Quit Smoking Smoking increases your risk for gum disease.   Find out more at the National Institute on Aging

Fatigue Conditions

Conditions Linked to Fatigue: Anxiety Depression Grief Stress Lack of Control Lack of Sleep Too Much Caffeine Too Much Alcohol Excessive Junk Food Boredom   Find out more at the National Institute on Aging

How to Exercise Safely

Follow these tips to avoid injury and make the most of your exercise! Start Slowly If you jump right in with intensity, your muscles, heart, and lungs are not going to be ready for the strain! Starting slow isn’t only a good idea, it is THE ideal for any exercise. Your body needs to warm […]

Exercise Safely

Wear safety gear Use a mat Hydrate Stretch Warm up Rest   Find out more at the National Institute on Aging

Exercise Safely: Do and Don’t

DON’T! Start Fast Hold Your Breath Expect Immediate Results Skip Warming Up Skip Meals DO! Start Slow Talk to your Doctor Make a plan Hydrate Rest   Find out more at the National Institute on Aging

Dietary Supplements for Older Adults

Calcium Calcium works with vitamin D to keep bones strong at all ages. Calcium is found in milk and milk products, canned fish with soft bones, and dark-green leafy vegetables like kale. Vitamin D Most people in the United States consume less than recommended amounts of vitamin D. Talk with your doctor about adding vitamin […]

Describing Pain

Your pain is valid! Consider talking to your doctor about the following questions in regard to your pain: Where? When? Is it sharp? Is it dull? What makes it worse? How long does it last? Have you tried ice and heat? Is eating painful? Sleeping? What medicines are you taking? Find out more at the […]

Keeping Clean Teeth

Follow our tips to get the most out of your teeth-cleaning routine! Brush Gently Gently brush your teeth on all sides with a soft-bristle brush and fluoride toothpaste. Replace your toothbrush every 3 to 4 months. Brush Intentionally Did you know there is an optimal technique for teeth-brushing? Don’t be too aggressive on your teeth. […]

Chronic Pain Tips

Before trying anything new, consult with your doctor. Consider acupuncture or biofeedback. Try massage therapy and/or physical therapy. Discuss pain medication options with your doctor.   Find out more at the National Institute on Aging

Include These Antioxidants in Your Diet

Beta-carotene Found in fruits and vegetables that are either dark green or dark orange Selenium Found in seafood, liver, meat, and grains Vitamin C Found in citrus fruits, peppers, tomatoes, and berries Vitamin E Found in wheat germ, nuts, and sesame seeds, and canola, olive, and peanut oils   Find out more at the National […]

Signs of Abuse to Watch for in a Loved One

Watch for the following: Stops doing activities they like Looks messy Has trouble sleeping Starts losing weight for no reason Becomes withdrawn, agitated, or violent Has unexplained bruises, scratches, and injuries Develops bed sores or other preventable conditions Lacks medical aids Has unsafe or dirty living conditions Displays signs of insufficient care   Find out […]

The 4 Types of Exercise

Try them all to get the benefits! Endurance This is when you do an activity to increase your breathing and heart rate. It doesn’t have to be jogging! Consider speed-walking, biking, taking the stairs, and other fun activities! Whatever you do, be sure to do so safely. Strength Strength exercise improves, you guessed it, physical […]

4 Types of Exercise

1. Endurance Brisk walking or jogging Yard work (mowing, raking, digging) Dancing 2. Strength Lifting weights Using a resistance band Using your own body weight 3. Balance Standing on one foot Heel-to-toe walk Tai Chi 4. Flexibility Shoulder and upper arm stretch Calf stretch Yoga Source: National Institute on Aging

Depression and Aging

Depression is NOT a normal part of aging. Learn the signs and how to get help. Signs and Symptoms Decreased energy or fatigue Persistent sad, anxious or “empty” mood Feelings of hopelessness, worthlessness or helplessness Thoughts of death or suicide, or suicide attempts Causes Genes Personal history Brain chemistry Stress Other factors similar to these […]

Managing Forgetfullness

Aging can bring memory problems. People with some forgetfulness can do things to manage it and stay healthy. Write it Down Using memory tools such as calendars, notepads and to-do lists can help you remember tasks and keep you organized. Keep Your Mind Active Hobbies and stimulating activities such as spending time with family, volunteering, […]

Preparing for an Appointment

List your Concerns List what you want to discuss. Do you have any new symptoms? Is a treatment affecting your daily life? Bring up the most important things first! It’s important to be clear with your physician. Bring a Family Member or Friend Family members and close friends can be helpful during appointments. This person […]