Assisted Living

Provides many of the services that Independent Living communities offer but usually rooms are smaller and the ammenities are less. The main difference is Assisted Living communities offer care services to help Senior citizens with ADLS (Activities of Daily Living)

ADLS-Activities of Daily Living. These tasks are integral tasks that most human beings should do on a regular basis. When left uncompleted a Seniors health can be significantly harmed and can lead to rapid deterioration or death

It is important to realize that there can be many differences in costs, amenities, services & qualifications between Assisted Living facilities. To help compare facilities side by side it is important to compare those that are a similar size. For simplicity purposes we have defined facility sizes as Small, Medium, Large. Each size tends to have unique benefits & drawbacks depending on what factors are important to you. 

*For illustrative purposes please review our complementary diagram. This diagram may help you see what size of facility is best for your loved one

Choosing a Facility Size

Small | 8-32 beds

Smaller assisted living facilities are often the most affordable options. They also have a tighter knit community that values personal relationships between staff members and residents.
  • Generally least expensive
  • Feels most homelike
  • Easier to foster close relationships
  • Easier to have intimate care
  • Fewer amenities and activities
  • Smaller rooms
  • Staff wears multiple hats
  • Suited for less independent seniors

Medium | 33-54 beds

Medium assisted living facilities are a middle-of-the-road option. They often offer a good balance between large and small facility features with an emphasis on close relationships and access to activities and amenities.

  • Access to amenities and activities
  • Good for semi-independent seniors
  • Manageable room size
  • Balanced facility features
  • Generally doesn’t lead in categories
  • Staff can wear multiple hats
  • Less specialized
  • Less similar feeling to home

Large | 55+ beds

Large assisted living facilities are great for independent seniors. They have the most access to a variety of activities and amenities such as movie theaters, gyms, game rooms, regular transportation schedules, etc.

  • Large rooms
  • Most activities and amenities
  • Suited tor independent seniors
  • Variety of department positions
  • Generally most expensive
  • Least homelike
  • Large buildings to navigate
  • More difficult to foster close relationships

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