Getting sick with something that feels unusual can be scary, but we are here with tips to help you through it.


When you are sick, sleep is your friend, and Shingles are no exception! You might feel unproductive or even stir crazy, but sleeping gives your body the energy it needs to focus on recovery.

Apply a Cool Cloth

Shingles, kind of like Chicken Pox, can be so itchy that they’re painful. This can be hard to ignore. Try applying a cool washcloth to the blisters gently. Not only can it soothe the pain a bit, it can also help dry up the blisters faster and speed up healing.

Avoid Stress

Avoiding stress is, of course, easier said than done. But if there was ever a time to allow yourself to relax, it’s now. Consider what activities help you to relax, and give them a try. Stress can only make Shingles worse.

Use Pain-Soothing Remedies

Two popular remedies to soothe irritated skin when you have Shingles are taking an oatmeal bath or using Calamine lotion. Give one a try and see if it helps. Your skin needs extra gentleness and care at this time.

Wear Comfy Clothes

Put on your loosest fitting clothing. It also helps if it is clothing made of natural fibers, as it is less likely to cause more irritation. Get as comfy as you can!


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