Vocational Rehabilitation

Mission Statement:

“Help individuals with disabilities secure and maintain employment and make powerful, lasting changes in their lives.”

Services Offered:

Keeping in line with their mission statement, VOC Rehabilitation provides a variety of services all with the objective of skill-building and helping those preparing to enter or reenter the workforce.

  • Work readiness training: VOC Rehabilitation prepares individuals for the demands of the workforce by equipping them with essential skills, knowledge, and attitudes necessary for employment success.
  • Advocacy/Self Advocacy: After an initial in-person meeting, each individual is met where they are at and worked with on a case-by-case basis.
  • Job readiness/Resume writing: Creating a well-structured and concise resume that highlights relevant skills, qualifications, and experiences to effectively demonstrate one’s readiness for a specific job.
  • Reality Town: A simulation involving the responsibilities involved with purchasing and budgeting to teach students real-life skills.
  • Life Skills: VOC Rehabilitation offers multiple classes to help with skill building at no cost.

Who Qualifies:

Different services offered by VOC Rehabilitation have their own specific sets of requirements, however, VOC Rehabilitation, may be the best place to look for help if you are:

  • Looking to enter or reenter the workforce
  • A Senior seeking employment 
  • Willing to work with a case manager
  • An eligible college or high school student

How to Contact:

Both advocates and individuals seeking help are encouraged to call ahead or come in person to meet with a member of VOC Rehab 

(208) 529-4673


1825 Hoopes Ave, Idaho Falls, ID 83404

1820 E 17th St Suite #355, Idaho Falls, ID 83404

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