Idaho Falls Rescue Mission

Mission Statement:

“We exist to provide help, hope and a future to the hungry, homeless and hopeless in our community through the power and love of Jesus Christ.”

Services Offered:

Keeping in line with their mission statement, the Idaho Falls Rescue Mission (IFRM) provides a variety of services all with the objective of helping the homeless and the hopeless.

  • Shelters: One of IFRM’s largest interventions comes from the three shelters that they operate 24/7 all year long. The three shelters are divided into women, women and children, and men, each located on the west side of Idaho Falls.
  • Food Ministry: IFRM provides meals to anyone in the community in need of a meal on a daily basis. There is no sign in required and dinner will be provided from 6-7 pm each night. The kitchen runs entirely by volunteers and donations.
  • Case Management: Free case management is offered to anyone in need, staying in their shelters or not. To take advantage of this service the client or their advocate should call the appropriate shelter for their situation and they will be assigned to a case manager from there. Case Managers at IFRM are City Vision University certified and are well informed in community services and homelessness resources throughout Eastern Idaho.
  • Community Events: Community Youth in Action parties/Coffee Hours/Scoop Jam Ice Cream Social/Christmas Toy Drive/and many more. Check out community events and fundraisers

Who Qualifies:

  • 18+ (exceptions for minors with mothers)
  • Absolutely nowhere else they could stay
  • Capable of climbing multiple flights of stairs multiple times a day (bedrooms and bathrooms located upstairs)
  • Everyone will be drug tested for narcotics
  • Breathalyzer tests every single night
  • Willing to work with a case manager
  • Generally limited to items that can fit into 1 tote container

How to Contact:

Both advocates and individuals seeking help are encouraged to call ahead or come in person to meet with a member of IFRM

Women’s Shelter: (208) 419-0808
Women and Children’s Shelter: (208) 523-6413
Men’s Shelter: (208) 552-5575

To Volunteer:

Phone: (208) 745-3352
Donations: 840 Park Ave, Idaho Falls, ID 83402

Check out their website and facebook to see updated information on what community events,
fundraisers, donations needed, and other news IFRM wants you to know about!




Women’s Shelter: 3130 S Yellowstone Hwy, Idaho Falls, ID 83402
Women and Children’s Shelter: 2480 S Yellowstone Hwy, Idaho Falls, ID 83402
Men’s Shelter: 840 Park Ave, Idaho Falls, ID 83402

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