Life Incorporated

Mission Statement:

“Our mission at Life Inc., is to empower people with disabilities to manage their own lives, make their own choices, and give them the information and knowledge to assist them to live with independence.”

Services Offered:

Keeping in line with their mission statement, Life Inc. provides a variety of services all with the objective of empowering those with disabilities to reach their goals.

  • Medical Equipment Rental: For no cost, Life Inc. will provide Durable Medical Equipment for up to three months. During those three months the staff at Life Inc. will work with you to find long term replacements for the items they lent you.
  • Independent Living Skills & Classes: Life Inc. employees teach classes focused on topics such as employment readiness, social skills, emergency preparedness, hygiene, home management, budgeting, cooking, personal interactions, assertiveness, and self-advocacy, all with the goal of increasing an individual’s independence.
  • Paperwork and Medical Application Assistance: Filling out applications for services such as Medicaid, Social Security, Disability benefits, and filing appeals can be a challenge for many. Life Inc. takes away the guesswork and can guide you through the entire process. Whether over the phone or in person, Life Inc. is happy to help.
  • Peer and Group Counseling: The groups offered by Life Inc. change on a monthly basis but peer counseling is always offered on an individual, as-needed basis. Life Inc. can also connect you to counseling services available throughout East Idaho. For more information about their monthly classes and groups visit their Facebook page at
  • Information and Referrals: Life Inc. is well-connected and knowledgeable of agencies and programs available to the residents of East Idaho.

Who Qualifies:

Anyone with any kind of disability is encouraged to reach out in order to take advantage of the many resources Life Inc. has to offer.

How to Contact:

Both advocates and individuals seeking help are encouraged to call ahead to schedule an appointment to meet with a member of Life Inc.

(208) 529- 8610
(208) 530- 2891

Check out their website and Facebook to see updated information on what activities, classes, and community days Life Inc. has planned!


Both locations are open every weekday from 8am – 5pm

Pocatello- 640 Pershing Ave A, Pocatello, ID 83201
Idaho Falls- 985 N Capital Ave, Idaho Falls, ID 83402

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