A JustServe project in Idaho Falls showed how the Savior ministers to the one

Susan Stucki went door to door at the senior living center, her arms full of roses and a bag over her arm with handmade Valentine’s cards.
The cards had been made by JustServe volunteers around Idaho Falls who had signed up for the Operation Cupid Heart to Heart project. The fresh roses were donated to the effort.

At first, no one answered number 11, so Stucki went on to 12, but then 11 slowly opened, and a woman appeared. Stucki asked her if she would like a rose and a Valentine.

Her name was Bonny Tew and “she was so emotional,” said Stucki. “She said she had been looking at roses online and wishing she could have a pink rose. There in my arms was a light colored pink she chose, and she was so excited. Then I pulled out a Valentine, and I knew it was meant to be hers.”