3 Ways Seniors Can Stay Connected in Eastern Idaho

As our loved ones age, it can be easy for them to feel isolated and disconnected. Fortunately, Eastern Idaho is full of fun activities for aging adults.

Seniors in Eastern Idaho can improve their mental and physical health by staying involved in the community. Taking classes, serving those in need, and participating in your local senior center are a few ways to stay connected.

There are plenty of resources for seniors who are looking to live purposefully. Thanks to the internet and social media, it’s easier than ever to find support and new friendships.

To get specific information on how seniors can stay involved, continue reading below.

Look For Service Opportunities

Serving others is one way to improve your mental and physical health, especially for those that are 65 years and older.

JustServe is a free service that posts the volunteer requests of profit, non-profit, and faith organizations near you. This website makes it easy to find ways to help others and make new friends.

Go to JustServe.org to type in your zip code and find those that need help.

Stimulate your mind and have fun

Friends for Learning is an educational and social club for the 50+ community. It is a low-cost program funded by Idaho State University and is run by volunteers. It is a great place to make new friends!

You can take classes like:

  • Dinos of the Deep (Underwater)
    • Tour the Museum of Idaho and learn about marine reptiles that dominated the waters in the age of the dinosaurs.
  • Dutch Oven Cooking with Doug
    • A local Chef teaches how to create his famous cobbler and biscuits.
  • Anyone Can Paint
    • A step-by-step acrylic painting class.
  • Bears and the Yellowstone Experience
    • Experience a five-day four-night bear hunt. The trip will have informal lecturers, wildlife viewing, and light hiking.
  • Line Dance
    • Learn a new low-impact exercise with dancing. The class will teach dances throughout history.

To learn more about Friends for Learning at cetrain.isu.edu.

Idaho Falls Senior Center

The Idaho Falls Senior Center (SCCC) is a resource for Eastern Idaho seniors to serve others and receive help.

The SCCC has a Nutrition Program that is vital to the community. The program and its volunteers prepare and deliver over 220 meals per day, five days a week. They are given to home-bound seniors and disabled adults.

The SCCC has an online newsletter and monthly mailings to keep seniors engaged. There are plenty of activities, such as line dancing, card games, bingo, and jigsaw puzzles.

Learn more about the Idaho Falls Senior Center.

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